8th grade Reading


In 8th grade we read Liam O'Faherty's The Sniper to help dig deeper into character motivation and analysis, but asking the question:   Which matters most about you: what you think, what you say, or what you do?

Students read Langston Hughes Thank You, Ma'am to continue practicing our summarizing skills.

We read Jack London's To Build a Fire to examine how Character, Setting and Plot interact in a story, and which is most important in determining the fate of a character?

Our Hero's Journey Unit is starting soon.  Students are supposed to have read at least one title from the following lists, depending on their Reading class:  

Section 8C list     


Sections 8A/8B list

These first few weeks...

We started our work on Narrative Elements by reading Billy Collin's poem Aristotle.

Our focus for most of the first trimester will be narrative fiction.  

We used the poem The Ballad of the Oysterman to review Narrative Elements.

They read the short story "They're Made of Meat" and wrote 

Students should be well into their independent reading book.  The standing Independent Reading expectation is 100 pages a week.

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