7th grade Reading


7th graders are using Doris Lessing's Through the Tunnel to practice identifying narrative elements, and key details to help create effective summaries.

Toni Cade Bambara's Raymond's Run is helping them practice using Somebody/Wanted/But/So organizers to figure out more complex character arcs.

We are using both of these texts to practice structuring Thoughful Reading Responses, where students evaluate these texts by answering deeper questions.

These first few weeks...

Our focus for most of the first trimester will be Narrative Fiction.  

We read the poem Hey, and identified the Narrative Elements.

Next, we read The Follower by Jack Gantos, to see how those same elements (Setting, Protagonist, Inciting Incident, Conflict, Antagonist or Antagonistic Force, Theme), can be used to write a tight, focused summary.

Finally, students used The Open Window by Saki (H.H. Murno), and students practiced writing their own summaries, using a SWBS chart.

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